Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Ok I finally picked a favorite. It's Jessica Sanchez. Great look, great voice. And I don't think there's ever been a Hispanic American Idol! VOTE 5709!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


  • THE PYRAMID- I love that Makenzie could care less! Nice to see Maddie back on top where she belongs. Christi stop complaining about who Chloe has to compete against... get over it.
  • HOLLY- You are out of control... And everyone know's the only reason you came back, is because you're under contract. It has nothing to do with taking the high road, or teaching your daughter anything. The only thing you taught your daughter, was how to look foolish.
  • NIA AND THE TRIO- One of Paige's best qualities, (when she's not forgetting routines) is that she blends well. Her technique and skill level is good enough to dance with Chloe/Maddie, without being a distraction. Nia however, is not. Her legs are bent, her toes aren't pointed, and she's sloppy. I do however, think she has great potential, as all these things are fixable. But she would not fit into this trio, and Holly looked ridiculous.
  • CHRISTI- You are just like a bullying mean girl. You intentionally pushed Holly into interrupting class, (just like you did with Jill) knowing what the outcome would be.
  • SOLOS- Maddie was great, Chloe was a sloppy mess. Her turns were all over the place, and her timing was way off. And Nia froze. And I blame her mother. She missed a practice, and her outburst in the studio left Nia an emotional wreck. When will these mothers learn.
  • MELISSA- When will you stop letting these mean moms bully you? i only have one word that describes you. Doormat.
  • CANDY APPLES, JILL AND KENDALL- Cathy would like Jill to think she has corrected all of Kendall's technical problems in 15 minutes. Oh if it were only that easy. As we all saw Kendall performing, making the same mistakes. Cathy's tutilidge didn't work out as she planned..... I don't see Jill/Kendall at Candy Apple much longer, despite Cathy's attempts to romance them. Jill has bigger plans.
  • GROUP DANCE- Adorable!
  • CHRISTI AND CHLOE- I don't see Chloe being as innocent as they would like us to think. I see alot of her mother in her. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  • THE COMPETITIONS- I don't think these competitions are real. I think they attend, and perform for the cameras only. It's disappointing to realize there's no reality in your favorite reality show.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm sooo happy Johnny & winey crazy ass Camilla are going in the dome! And thank you CT/Diem, for sending Mark & bat crazy Robin in with them! SEND CAMILLA HOME! WA WA WA WE HAD TO GO FIRST!


I've been bored outta my mind after taking a few sick days, and decided to spend the evening watching Whitney Houston movies, and listening to her finest music. It made me realize, just how much our lives can change as a result of just a few choices. Be careful when you are making life decisions. And remember how much those choices will affect your life.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

TI AND TINY.... The Finale 3-11-12

Though this season didn't offer much in the way of drama, it had that "feel good effect" of many shows from the 60's/70's. Kind of the black modern day version of "Father Know's Best", or "Leave It To Beaver". Yes, TI reminds me a little of Ward Cleaver. A real family man. The only difference is, I don't think Ward had a gun obsession, and I don't think June enjoyed an occasional X indulgence. Hence the modern day version!

Unfortunately, I don't think this show has enough substance to be picked up for another season.


"Failure To Launch" is the perfect name for this task. And it's becoming more and more apparent each week, that Mr. Trump determines the outcome before anyone steps foot in the boardroom.

This week, he was so obviously disappointed in the men's team for not utilizing the Andretti name. Actually, he seemed a little embarrassed. And the Donald isn't doesn't handle embarrassed well.... So despite the men's team once again pushing for a Ferrigno dismissal, Andretti's fate was a no brainer. But you also don't want to anger Mr. Trump. Especially if you are a losing project manager who defy's The Donald's request to bring back two team members. Bye-bye Mr. Corolla!

So the embarrassed, angered Donald fires two people. A tough lesson learned. I'm not sure what he seemingly likes about The Hulk, personally I can't understand a word he says. He seems to just want to flex his muscles and never really has much to contribute.

As far as the women's team, even though Debbie Gibson was the project manager, it was once again the Aubrey O'day show. This chick is fiercely creative, intelligent, and extremely outspoken. I see her winning this game..... That's my Celebrity Prediction.


Appropriately titled. As that's what this show's all about. A group of black women fighting & trashing each other. And taking their basketball player ex's money, and parlaying it into more money.

No substance whatsoever. It's kinda like watching a boxing match. Fun to watch, but there's no message.